Set the course. Empower your team to realize your vision. Captivate clients, inspire team effectiveness, accelerate success.



Deliver rigorous, high-value solutions for strategic expansion, directed investment and sustainable growth.



Launch innovative product/market strategies, build enduring strategic alliances and craft agile teams.

Insight, Action and a solid record of Value Creation

Independent Board Director

Wendy brings multi-industry expertise and a unique global perspective to the Boardroom. An experienced Strategist, she meets the challenges of closely-held corporations to ensure effective governance and strong management succession.

Educator & Executive Coach

Working at the confluence of Strategy and Leadership, Wendy delivers unique interactive Training and Development for C-Suite teams, powered by Executive Coaching to meet strategic objectives and business metrics.

Chief Marketing Officer

Serving Asset Management, FinTech and Private Equity ventures, Wendy designs and leads innovative marketing programs that engage clients and sales channel partners, delivering an integrated brand experience.

a Skilled navigator who meets challenging goals, Wendy inspires Executive teams to Outperform.

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Build brand | Engage clients | Drive Results

  1. Translate complex strategies into clear value for clients

  2. Build strong partnerships and channel alliances

  3. Develop powerful branding to convey unique value

  4. Lead go-to-market strategy and product launch

  5. Produce an integrated customer experience

  6. Generate client engagement, satisfaction and loyalty

  7. Implement agile processes with partners and team.